Guitar Lessons

Want to Learn Guitar?

Whether you’re brand new to the guitar or you’ve been playing for a while and just feel stuck, we know just how to help.

We teach all levels of guitar, in a wide range of musical styles and genres.

Best Way to Learn Guitar

 At Jewell Tone Music we believe that to make you a sucessful guitar player you need to spend time with a knowledgable instructor that can provide immediate and valuable feedback.

 If you’re a beginner, it can be extremely frustrating trying to learn guitar on your own. Pre-recorded lessons have their place, but when followed independently, students often make mistakes and form bad habits without knowing it. It’s hard to know for sure that you’re doing it right on your own.

Music is better when it’s shared and our teachers are passionate about passing their knowledge and love for music to their students.

If you’re ready to give it a try, start with your free intro lesson:

"My daughter really enjoys her solo and rock band guitar lessons here! The whole staff are really great with the kids. They give lessons for guitar, and many other instruments as well as sell them." Clint M.
Jewell Tone Music guitar instructors are proficient in: Blues, Rock, Metal, Jazz and Latin styles, developing and understanding chord relationships (including triads), advanced scales and modes, and improvisation and composition.

What Beginners Learn...

  • Names of the strings

  • Components of the guitar

  • Time Signatures

  • Note Values

  • How to count in time

  • The 14 open chords that all guitarists should know

  • How to play simple and fun songs

If you are an intermediate or advanced player looking to broaden your skills or learn a new style of music, our professional instructors can help!


Our lesson tuition is $130 per month and provides you with four 30 minute private lessons within the month.

We don’t charge registration fees.  You pay $130 from the very beginning.  The only additional cost you may pay is for your lesson books which is dependent on which instrument you are learning.

You do not have to sign a contract that will lock you into lessons for an extended amount of time. We conduct our lessons on a month to month basis and simply require a two-week notice when a student chooses to end his or her lessons.

We do require our students or parents to sign and adhere to our lesson policy found here


We offer a multi-student discount to families with multiple students taking lessons or for students taking multiple kinds of lessons at one time.

We offer 10% off the tuition for the second set of lessons and any additional lessons registered for after that.