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When you start your lessons, you will be taught the main parts of your instrument and how to take care of it. You will be Introduced to the basics of music theory such as 4/4 time and note values.

We don’t just teach our students the mechanics of playing their Instruments, we teach them to understand music so that they can go beyond the basics and explore musical avenues like songwriting/composing, improvisation, solo and group performance, competition, recording, etc.

Intermediate and Advanced Players …

When you start your lessons at Jewell Tone, your instructor will take the time to assess your current skills and determine in what areas you want/need to improve.

You already have the basic skills and you probably already know what goals you want to achieve, so your Instructor will create a custom tailored plan that will get you to the next level.

Our Intermediate and advanced instructors not only posses a high level of music education, but they also have years of experience performing in a wide variety of contexts. Many of them posses high levels of experience In composing, recording, competing, and more.


Our lesson tuition is $140 per month and provides you with four 30 minute private lessons within the month.

We don’t charge registration fees.  You pay $130 from the very beginning.  The only additional cost you may pay is for your lesson books which is dependent on which instrument you are learning.

You do not have to sign a contract that will lock you into lessons for an extended amount of time. We conduct our lessons on a month to month basis and simply require a two-week notice when a student chooses to end his or her lessons.

We do require our students or parents to sign and adhere to our lesson policy found here


We offer a multi-student discount to families with multiple students taking lessons or for students taking multiple kinds of lessons at one time.

We offer 10% off the tuition for the second set of lessons and any additional lessons registered for after that.

Online Lessons

The expansion of online lessons has been the greatest thing to come out of 2020 for us and for many of our students. As we have grown, the needs of our students and teachers have changed. The number of live, virtual lessons we offer has grown exponentially and our teachers and students have flourished in them. We’ve experienced successes with online students of all ages, skill levels and physical abilities.

All of our online lessons happen live and are taught by one of our experienced instructors, utilizing the digital platform that students likely already have at their disposal (i.e. FaceTime, Zoom, Skype, Google Hangouts, etc.). Our teachers approach online lessons in a way that helps their students get the most out of the lesson.

Virtual lessons also give our students flexibility by eliminating travel time and giving them the freedom to have their lesson from almost anywhere. With a large portion of our current students taking lessons online, we’re thrilled to offer this flexible option to our students who enjoy it and benefit from it.

Studio Lessons

Conveniently located 333 Southside Shopping Center, Culpeper VA, our lesson studio is equipped to host lessons of all types. Our private lesson rooms give teachers and students a distraction-free space to focus on their lessons, while our larger, more open teaching areas allow for group classes and private lessons that need more space. We have taught almost 1000 students in our studio, In the 12 years we have been in Culpeper.        

Every new student begins with a free trial lesson. This Is a great way to get to know your instructor and get a feel for your instrument before you commit to lessons. It’s super easy to schedule your free trial lesson, just click the button below!


When you give the gift of private music lessons, you may just spark a joy that will last a lifetime. It's the gift that keeps giving!