Beginner Ukulele Classes (No classes currently scheduled)

In our beginner ukulele classes, students learn the basics of music theory and how to read music. They also learn beginner ukulele strum patterns, from reggae to traditional Hawaiian shuffle, scales, and songs. The ukulele is a great beginner instrument, perfectly tailored for understanding the basics of music theory.

Instructor: Brandon Somma


Intermediate Ukulele Class Ages 13 & Up (No classes current scheduled)

Ready to take your Ukulele skills to the next level?

In our intermediate group ukulele class, students learn intermediate strum patterns such as the Hawaiian shuffle, and the Reggae strum. Students are also taught how to switch between rhythm patterns. The group learns techniques and songs out of reach for beginners including an emphasis on finger picking.

Instructor: Brandon Somma



Beginner Guitar Classes (No classes current scheduled)

Have you always wanted to play more than just “air guitar?”  Tried to teach yourself but found it too difficult?  Well this class is for YOU! 

Group classes offer an affordable alternative to private lessons and are a great way to connect with other musicians beginning their journey as well. Our group classes typically run for 8-10 weeks and teach students the basic skills needed to play the guitar.  Instruction covers the basics of how to hold your guitar & pick, how to tune, strum patterns and playing individual notes and chords.

We offer group guitar classes for Adults (13 years old & up) and children (6-12 years old).

You must provide your own guitar & picks. A tuner is also recommended but not required. Both acoustic guitars and electric guitars are welcome, just don't forget your amp if you're bringing an electric guitar!