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The Best Way to Learn Guitar

 If your a beginner, it can be extreemly frustrating trying to learn guitar on your own. Video lessons are fine, but you can be making mistakes in fingering, chord shapes, and timing, and not even know it. There is no real way to know for sure that you're doing it right.

 At Jewell Tone Music we believe that to make you a sucessful guitar player you need to spend time with a knowledgable instructor that can provide you with immediate and valuable feedback. 


Zach Hale Instructor: Guitar, Bass Guitar, Piano, Trumpet, Music Theory and Composition

Tarron Melvin Instructor: Guitar, Group Guitar, Beginning Piano



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Here are just a few of the things as a beginner guitar student you will learn:

  • The names of the strings on the guitar and the components of the guitar

  • Time signatures

  • Note values

  • How to count in time

  • The 14 open chords that all guitarists should know

  • How to play some simple and fun songs 


If you have been playing for a while and want to broadend your skills, or learn a new style of music, then our professional instructors can help.


Jewell Tone Music guitar instuctors are profecient in:

  • Blues, Rock, Metal, Jazz, and Latin

  • Developing and understanding chord relationships including triads

  • Advanced scales and modes

  • Improvisation


It all starts with your free intruductory lesson. Our instructors will assess your current skill level, take the time to understand your goals, and tailor a lesson program that will get you to where you want to go.


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On-line and In-person