We teach:

Piano, Guitar, Voice, Drums, Bass Guitar, Ukulele, Mandolin, Violin, and Violia

It all starts with your free introductory lesson. Your instructor will spend the time with you to discuss your experience, musical interests, and your goals. 

As a beginner you will be shown the main parts of your instrument. Be introduced to the basics of music such as 4/4 time and note values. Before you are done, you will be able to play some notes, chords (guitar, uke), and rhythms.

For intermediate and advanced players your instructor will ask about your current skills and where you want to improve and custom tailor a lesson plan that will get you to your goal. 

At Jewell Tone Music we invest into our students so they can get the most out of their instrument. We personalize your lesson journey so that you see regular  progress and gain a real sense of accomplishment! 


Will Orr has been playing the banjo for 14 years. As a 15 year-old he was enamored with the fast paced musicianship he heard in bluegrass music. In addition to the banjo, Will also plays guitar and mandolin. Having played numerous gigs with local bluegrass guitar virtuoso Mike Breitenbach, Will loves sharing the stage with people who are far more talented than himself. The banjo is the world’s happiest instrument and few things make Will happier than teaching others how to play America’s instrument