Group Lessons 

Our goal is that all of our music students reach the musical goals they want to achieve. We teach the core skills musicians need to know and help the theories of music make sense to our students. We've seen all types of success achieved by students of all skill levels, ages and abilities.The best time to get started on your own musical or artisitic journey is now!

Music Theory Course

Dates and Times TBD (This will be a 12 week course)

Cost: $225.00

 Course Description

In this course, we will cover the basics of understanding music theory in a wide range of styles. This course will focus on some of the core concepts of music such as time and tonality. We will learn the inner workings of the fundamental building blocks of music and understand how they work together to create songs and compositions.


You will learn to: 
-Identify most markings on the musical staff such as articulations, dynamics, clefs, and more.
-Identify notes on the piano as well as the musical staff.
-Identify intervals and how they are used to build major and minor scales. 
-Build, identify, and invert chords.
-The circle of 5ths/4ths and understand how to use it.
-Use the Roman numeral system to analyze chord progressions, songs, and compositions. 
-Read simple and complex rhythms and understand different time signatures.

 Required material: manuscript paper and a desktop or laptop computer