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Piano, Guitar, Voice, Drums, Bass Guitar, Ukulele, Mandolin, Banjo, Trumpet, Violin, and Violia

It all starts with your free introductory lesson. Your instructor will spend the time getting to know you, discuss your experience, musical interests, and your goals. At Jewell Tone Music we invest into our students and personalize their lesson journey so they can get the most out of their instrument.   

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When you give the gift of private music lessons, you may just spark a joy that will last a lifetime. It's the gift that keeps giving!


Thomas Wilcox has been playing the violin for 20 years and has taught private lessons for violin and mandolin for over five years. His skills as a musician began young and in the 8th grade he was a member of the winning youth orchestra in a competition hosted by Carnegie Hall in New York City. He is classically trained, with the ability to play all types and styles of music.