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Carla Jewell: Piano

Hello!  My name is Carla Jewell.  I teach elementary to intermediate level piano.

I am comfortable working with students of all ages 6 years and above, but I am especially good with children. I've studied piano privately from the age of 8 through high school and then furthered my music education at George Mason University.

In addition to being a choral accompanist, I have served as a church pianist for many years.

I have been teaching piano for the past 25 years.I believe piano lessons should be fun! I encourage students to identify their personal music goals and help them achieve those goals. Students will be encouraged to incorporate some pieces of their choosing into their music study. Each lesson consists of learning and reinforcing basic music skills, including theory, chord recognition, and sight-reading and will eventually include improvisation, harmonization and transposition. I place a strong emphasis on chord recognition and the ability to sight-read.

John Jewell: Voice, Guitar, Bass Guitar and Mandolin


Hello, my name is John Jewell and I teach voice, guitar, bass guitar, and mandolin.  

I am primarily comfortable with teaching guitar to beginning to intermediate students. My focus is to make sure that they really understand the basics of music theory, and the fundamentals of great guitar playing.  My goal is to make it fun and tailored to the individual students needs, not just to rush though a guitar book for the sake of saying that we completed it without the student really learning how to play the instrument properly.

As a voice instructor/coach I spend considerable amounts of time explaining and demonstrating how the human voice actually works.  I am comfortable working with beginning to advanced students.  My goals for my students are to build a solid core to sing from, create the space they need to bring their voice to life, and build the confidence they may need to sing properly. I spend a lot of time on pitch, breathing, and phrasing, and developing “command and control” of their voice.

I was born and raised in the Washington DC area. I began to develop a love for music at 5 years old when I studied piano under the renowned Gene Prather. At 8, I found the guitar and in my early teens studied under the internationally known Sophocles Pappas, who in turn studied with the legendary Andres Segovia.  A little later in life I studied voice under Madam Valdez who was my mother’s vocal instructor.

Additionally I am an independent recording engineer and producer and regularly work in Nashville with some of the finest musicians in the record industry to bring a clients dream of a custom recording project to reality.


Cecile Scott: Brass and Wind Instruments

Cecile Scott earned her Bachelor of Music Education degree from the University of Southern Mississippi in 1977. She has taught high school and middle school band in Virginia, Texas and Mississippi. Most recently she taught at Warrenton Middle School teaching band and performing the Music department chairmen duties for twelve years.

After thirty five years of teaching Ms. Scott retired in 2013. Ms. Scott’s students have received superior ratings at band assessments and solo and ensemble competitions. Her students have attended the University of Texas, The New England Conservatory of Music, the Cincinnati Conservatory, Berkley School of Music and locally James Madison University, George Mason and Virginia Tech.

Ms. Scott’s major instrument was french horn and she minored on clarinet and oboe.

Leonard Spriggs: Drums

Jewell Tone Music is excited to announce that Leonard Spriggs a.k.a. “Moose” has joined our teaching staff as our new drum instructor. Leonard was born and raised in Prince Georges County MD and starting playing drums at the age of 10 years old.

He has taught drums since High School, and was a touring professional for 20 years. He has performed with such notable artists as: Rufus Thomas, Carla Thomas, Peaches & Herb, Byron Cages, BeBe and CeCe Winans.

Leonard has marching and concert band experience, and has spent a lot of time in the studio. He is noted for his desire to properly teach the rudiments of percussion with a big focus on timing and complex rhythms.

He is comfortable with all styles of music including Jazz, R&B, and Gospel. Please call us at 540.317.1115 to setup a no cost introduction lesson.

Dawnn Fletcher: Strings

I absolutely love teaching music. I have experience teaching children as young as 6 and adults age 55.  I have 16 years of experience playing music. The instruments I have experience playing are violin, viola, cello and piano. I have been teaching for 7 years. In 2013 I received my Bachelors Degree in Instrumental Music and Music Theory from Bluefield College. I have played for the Rappahannock Youth Symphony and the Bluefield College Orchestra and I have in duets and trios with members of the Roanoke Symphony. I live in Virginia and have played for local wineries, art museums and restaurants; I also play weddings, dinner parties and private events.
I enjoy playing music, because music echoes the soul and releases the mind. Everyone may speak a different language, but all musicians speak the same language of notes and rhythm. I have always enjoyed playing string instruments, because they are so powerful.

*** Lesson Details ***
My lessons are tailored to the needs and interests of each student. If a student is involved in school music ensembles, we will work with their lesson books from school in addition to material outside of the books, including Essential Elements 2000, and teacher-created materials. We will focus on building proper tone production, individual technique and posture  - something that often is difficult to learn in a large ensemble setting.

I can start a beginner student on any classical string instrument (violin, viola, cello). I can begin a student and work with them through their all levels of method books.

For advanced students, I work from selected etude books on developing advanced skills and can work with students on audition pieces for honors bands/orchestras or college auditions and specialized magnet schools.


Hello, my name is Claire Ligon! I'm an experienced Voice Speech-language pathologist locally and a new voice teacher to the Jewell Tone Music studio. I have extensive training in classical performance for over 20 years through my masters with Dr. Anne Guthmiller from VCU School of Music, and Dr. Lily Hsieh, at the University of Virginia. I have also studied Jazz and Musical theater with Stephanie Nakasian. I have continued my training working with Singing Voice Specialists to further my knowledge of teaching singing for all levels.

I am certified in Somatic VoiceworkTM (TM in superscript) and have worked with rock, folk, musical theater, country, gospel and classical singers. I feel comfortable working with beginner, intermediate and advanced performers.